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No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 18 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 9 2
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 17
I stood calmly at the magazine at the corner of Farlan’s Company building, with a coffee in hand, I calmly combed in fingers through the short locks that I chopped off just yesterday when Grandfather took me to his local hair trimmer place, I believe the old man saved pieces of my once long locks as some memorabilia.
It is quite awkward having short strands that touched my shoulder, when I had long hair for as long as I knew Levi that were inches away from my behind. I was influenced by what my friend, Farlan, had spoken to me just the other day. He initiated that I should cut my hair as a symbolism for leaving my old life behind and grow it back….
I can’t turn my gaze away from the multiple articles that read the following:
“Mistress, Petra Ral, Presses Charges Against Former Lover For Emotional Distress”
“I Am Completely Humiliated” Spoke Petra Bossard, “I Didn’t Know What I Got Myself Into.”
:icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 11 2
Mature content
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 16 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 12 7
Mature content
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 15 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 8 2
Mature content
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 14 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 8 4
Mature content
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 13 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 5 1
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 12
"Honestly girl, what on earth is wrong with you?!" Yelled my grandfather.
I sat silently upon his furniture, groggy. I had spent two days going from one city to another city by train with the little money I had left to my name....
Seems like Erwin told Levi he had left me and now my soon-to-be ex-spouse has managed to get to my grandfather before me. Telling my only living relative what I had done, now I'm getting an ear full.
"Don't play victim to me, little girl! If you weren't happy with your marriage with Levi, then you always had me to call!"
"It isn't that simple."
"No, it's not, but it is better then stooping to your level of stupidity and come up with a cruel childish plan on getting back at your worthless cheating husband!"
I sat there quietly. My grandpa grunts and stood back, "I want you to find a job; you won't be living here for free.”
“Yes, sir.”
He turns and walks into the kitchen, “And for fuck sake stay away from the opposite sex! You are mental
:icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 7 2
Mature content
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 11 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 6 4
ToC: No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin
ToC: Means "Table of Contents"
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 11
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 12
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 13
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 14
No Innocence 2-Levi x OC x Farlan x Erwin-PART 15
:icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 6 2
ToC: No Innocence-Levi x OC x Petra x Erwin
No Innocence-Levi x OC x Petra x Erwin-Prologue
No Innocence-Levi x OC x Petra x Erwin-PART 1

No Innocence-Levi x OC x Petra x Erwin-PART 2

:icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 4 0
Mature content
Schrodinger's Cat- {Yandere!Levi} :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 19 13
Levi's Cleaning Fairy ~*Special Bleach*~ :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 13 5
Mature content
No Innocence-Levi x OC x Petra x Erwin-PART 10 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 7 40
Tumblr Page :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 0 8
Mature content
Exposed 5: | Levi x Rida x Ace | Part 2/2 :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 5 13
Template :icondeniquepuella91:DeniquePuella91 0 0


Mature content
yuri on ice.yaoi tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,018 0
Mature content
I'm yours :iconnicodevilish:Nicodevilish 48 10
{Best Faith} Levi Ackerman :iconblackcat435:Blackcat435 3 0 {Best Of} Levi Ackerman 2 :iconblackcat435:Blackcat435 3 0
I'll Stand By You (Rida X Amaryllis)
Song: I Could Fall In Love by Selena.
Ch.1: I Could Fall In Love
    A soft giggle left my mouth as I blew some of the colonized bubbles away from my face. My hand searched the murky waters for any other remaining utensils. I pull the drain as the water swirled around like a tornado. A smile tugged my face as I let out a soft melody, bringing out the ingredients to make spaghetti. I've been waiting for Rida, the woman who saved me. She took me away from the long years of torture I have endured. Just the thought that she risked going to jail to save me brings a smile to my face. 
    Her laugh and smile leaves me tingly inside. Yes, I have romantic feelings towards my savior. She saved me for crying out loud! My best friend, Victor always snuck food to me. It's not like he could do anything. He's not that strong physically, but mentally. He helped me pull through, leaving me little notes on the bento boxes. Rida, h
:iconblizzardqueen:BlizzardQueen 3 6
Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 5,617 4,308 Erwin Smith :iconduckkoi:duckkoi 29 5 The Beginning :iconiya-chen:iya-chen 1,457 65
10 Tips to Drawing Horses
How to draw horses? As a creature and animal artist, this is a common question I'm asked. In this video, I've broken down the top 10 tips when drawing horses. Enjoy! I hope it'll be helpful. 
If you find my videos helpful, share them and hashtag it ‪#‎schoolismtips‬. If I find it, I'll retweet/repost it! For more art education, check out It's professional art education for the masses.
:iconimaginism:imaginism 101 4
Ascended Kings: Dire Revenant :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 314 16 Bavirija 01 :iconyayashin:Yayashin 496 6
Mature content
Levi x reader x eren We can still be friends? Ch.6 :iconsenpaioverload:SenpaiOverload 4 0
Levi x reader x Eren We can still be friends? CH.5
A/N: Sorry about the long update wait. Enjoy Anyway~
            (Y/N)'s POV
I walked to my car and just sat there for a moment. ' I love.....EREN. I kissed...Eren. I'm DATING EREN~!' 
Knock Knock Knock
I looked out my car window to see levi. He looked like he was gonna brake the glass if he knocked another time. I rolled down my window, " Hello Levi." I waved, a huge grin on my face because eren.
He just glared at me. " I'm not here to talk (Y/N). Whats going on between you and eren." You just stared at him like he had just smiled the biggest smile, " I have no idea what you're talking about, eren and I are just friends." You lied calmly. 
" Oh really.?" He said n a sarcastic tone, " What about the cafe?". Your eyes widened, ' how'd he know about that?'.
" Fine, But why do you care? We broke up, it's ok to see other people." You shout-whisper at him. He just looked at you as if the answer was obvious, " Why
:iconsenpaioverload:SenpaiOverload 6 3
Levi x reader x eren We can still be friends? CH.4
A/N: here's chapter 4, yay. I don't really know how many chapters I'm gonna make.I'm kinda just going along with it, seeing where it takes me. Enjoy~
             Eren's POV 
' she isn't coming (that's what he said). She should've been here already. Man, I screwed things up' 
" Sir, sir. Are you going to order?" He hadn't noticed the waiter . " Oh, I..I'm waiting for someone. " I replied. She nodded and walked off to some other table.
DING, the door opened to reveal (Y/N) standing at the door. She looked pretty. She was wearing jean shorts, some (F/C) vans and a (F/AorS) ( favorite anime or show is what that means) T-shirt.
She walked over to me and sat down across from me. " Hey eren. So, you wanted to talk?" She asked ahile playing with the salt.
" Yeah. I just wanted to talk about, ya know,the thing, that ugg happened.....?" I replied nervously, not daring to look herstraight in the eyes.
She nodded a
:iconsenpaioverload:SenpaiOverload 7 0
Levi x Reader x Eren We can still be friends? CH.3
A/n: Here it is. I'll try to make this one longer. I'm writing on my phone so sorry for any mistakes. Enjoy~
               (Y/N)'s POV
' what's happening, I don't like eren like that.............YEAH I dont like eren like that. I mean he kissed me, and I kissed hi-........... OH MY GLOB I LIKE EREN.' Your thoughts were interrupted when the need for air took over your train of thought. 
You pulled away and looked at eren, shock written all over his face . 
" Eren, I am so so sorry." You apologized, not looking eren in the eyes.
" Look, it's fine. I think you should go. I just need to.....think right now. But; can we talk about this, over lunch?" Eren asked anxiously. " Um, yeah. I understand, I'll be on my way then. " You said as you stood. When you grabbed the door handle you said sorry one last time, and left.
              Eren's POV
:iconsenpaioverload:SenpaiOverload 5 2
Levi x Reader We can still be friends? Ch.2
A/N: Yay part 2, hope ya ready. Enjoy~
            (Y/N)'s POV
Those words rang in your head. You could feel tears building up in your eyes as you walked away from levi. 
You got in your car and started it. You were finally able to cry. You broke down. It was all hitting you like a giant rock.
' She asked me son when I grow ol-' 
You answered the phone.
(Y/N): Hello?
Eren: Hey? Are you alright, you sound like you've been crying.
(Y/N): *sniff* I'll tell you later. Um what do you need?
Eren: um, I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out
(Y/N): O..Ok, we ugg can hang out
Eren: cool, just meet me at my place and we can talk.
(Y/N): Ok bye eren
Eren: Bye (Y/N), see ya
You hung and placed your phone in your purse. Why did all of this have happen now? 
            Time Skip
You knocked on eren's door cautiously. He finally opened it and
:iconsenpaioverload:SenpaiOverload 5 2



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

However, I won't delete the account. All stories will be discontinued here and continue on my Wattpad and Ao3.

 photo artwork-fantasy-art-concept-art-sugar-skull-fire_zps6njdpqbc.jpg


This is DeniquePuella91 (previously known as DFP1991 from 2013-2016, it is abbreviated and means 'Denique Fantasy Puella' or 'Final Fantasy Girl' in Latin) and the year I was born in 1991. I am mostly known for my Cheater!Levi Ackerman fanficts. I have been writing fanfictions for eleven years now, starting with 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' as my very first fanfic. I took a break between my late teens until three years ago when I decided to use fanfic to help me improve in my writing skills.
FYI ABOUT ME: I intend to get very bored here on the internet, so sadly I am a troll and will intend to fight with Rivetra supporters to ease my boredom. I'm such an evil person.

WARNING! A Majority of My Stories Contain:
- High degrees of nudity!
- Foul Language
- High Sexual Content
- Things that deal with the real world.
- **Things that I seriously had experienced growing up (Some good, bad, and completely insane)
- Only those below the age of 18 are allowed to only read certain chapters....

I use writing as a way to cope with personal problems and stress. I will respond back if you are clearly being critical.
I highly thank you for taking your sweet time for reading and commenting my stories.

To All The Petra Ral Supporters
Just to warn you before you go and read my stories that all and I mean ALL of my stories are anti-Petra Ral.
So don't waste your time complaining how someone like me could hate someone like her, and to tell you the truth not all of us are fans of the same character and you can't force someone to like that certain character.

Here is a reason as to why I don't like her: Why I Dislike Petra Ral

Also please follow me on these various other websites
On Twitter @DeniquePuell91
On Archive of Our Own @DFP1991
On Tumblr @Pirates vs Humanities' Saviors
On Wattpad @ DFP1991
On Email Me @
(If you have Google+ Docs, then please email me your address, so I could add you to my contact and you might see me write any future stories on there)

The only request I will accept are from the following:
Attack on Titan
One Piece
One Punch Man
Vampire Knight
Galerians: Rion
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XV
Assassin's Creed series

Request for: Cheater!Levi x Teacher!Rida x Teacher!Petra

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 photo 409762f6690992aba3ca9f1b73878997_zpswi87otjs.jpg



embedded_item1485134870464 by DeniquePuella91
"Killing Stalking" is such a fucked up manhwa. Don't get me wrong, it definitely sucks me in. However, my heart aches for Yoonbum, and I do hope he will be able to get out of the situation he currently is in.
And hope that abusive bastard Sangwoo dies in the end!
Sorry for not responding to any comments or whatever, but if you have a wattpad then I just uploaded a recent chapter of School of Taboo, please like and comment on the story. Please and thank you very much!
Had a new story idea, but then I developed a cold
Like what the title says, I am planning on a series probably a YA and/or a new YA series.
I am getting weary of writing fanfics, and starting my own stories with my own plots and characters, and I truly want to or try to stay away from the cliche things that usually happen in Young Adult novels that you guys truly have a distaste for.
Please message me as soon as you can, please and thank you!


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